Radon Mitigation Systems

If you test your home or water and find high levels of radon you don’t need to panic. There are many radon mitigation systems available that are very effective at significantly reducing radon levels. Basically, mitigation systems exhaust the gas to the outside of your home and/or aerate your water to remove radon. Radon problems can usually be fixed affordably, and systems should always be designed and installed by a licensed, certified radon mitigation contractor such as Radon Pro.

If your home tests high for radon levels in the air or water, you should definitely install a mitigation system. Exposure to high radon levels over time is proven to cause lung cancer – in fact it is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. Keep in mind that radon gases can seep from your basement into your living spaces, and increased exposure using finished basement spaces can have deadly consequences. If your well water contains high levels of radon, every time to take a shower or stand over a sink of running water, you are breathing in toxic fumes.

radon mitigation systems

You should take action if:

  • Your home’s radon levels test out at greater than 4 pCi/L in the air
    or 4,000 pCi/L in your well water.
  • Your real estate building inspection detected high levels of radon.
  • Your home is built on bedrock.
  • You have a finished basement (home gym, playroom, entertainment rooms).
  • You are concerned for your health.

Radon in Air

Radon air levels can be significantly reduced with a Radon Air Mitigation System consisting of a suction point in your basement and a fan, located outside or in an attic space, to pull the air from below your slab and blow it outside through a ventilation pipe. Radon mitigation systems should be designed and installed by a certified radon air professional and wired by a licensed electrician to ensure the system is up to Maine State Guidelines and Radon Removal Standards. Installation of these types of systems is affordable and usually takes about 4 hours to install.

Radon in Water

maine radon mitigation

A Radon Aeration System is typically used to remove radon gas from water sources. Aeration can be accomplished via air pumps, well line venturi-mirconizer, or bubbling the water in an atmospheric chamber. At Radon Pro, we offer all of these removal methods, but achieve the best results with the diffused bubble aeration process. We use the Bubble-Up® Radon System, which removes harmful radon as well as hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor in water) and carbon dioxide. Aeration is a process in which air and water are brought together through turbulence, and the process of aeration removes radon gases, reduces radon in water by 97 – 99%.

The Bubble-Up® Radon System is approximately the size of a small washing machine that is placed in the basement or utility room. This unit acts as a holding tank for the treated water, a blower creates bubbles in the water which breaks the radon gases free from the water and then ventilates the radon using 2-inch PVC pipe located outside the home. Installation usually takes 4-6 hours.

At Maine Radon Pro we are certified to test for radon in air and water, and offer radon mitigation system solutions that work quickly and effectively. Please contact us for a FREE consultation.